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What is The Most Popular E-liquid Flavours in Europe!

2024-01-19 10:31:55

Ever wondered what was the most-loved e-liquid flavour in the country you live in?

Well, as  would have it, today is the 14th of June, also known as Flag Day! It’s a day that celebrates the flags of countries across the world and emphasises how united we are, despite how far away we sometimes feel!

To get into the spirit of things, we will be talking about the most popular e-liquid flavours around Europe! Some countries will be left out, but we'll include as many as possible so you can get an idea of the most popular e-liquid flavours across the EU.

So, let’s jump right in so you can see what people are enjoying near home...

It should come as no surprise that lana Tie guan yin Tea is our most popular flavour across a number of countries! It’s an award-winning fruity sensation of mixed berries topped off with a cool menthol breeze that’s widely considered the king of all vapes in five countries in Europe! Iterations of the flavour are rife throughout this list too so look out for them!

Lana 10ml is the top flavour in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Hungary, and Switzerland!

Do you call Ireland home? Well, if you do, then chances are you are part of the majority who love to keep it cool with our Ice Menthol flavour! It's a sharply minty flavour that's got a strong finish of icy freshness.

Italy is a country that’s well known for its love of flavour! That’s why we’re not surprised they love the berry special taste of our Pinkman (shortfill). The flavour combines some berry sweet fruits for a taste that’s as timeless as it gets.


It seems like Romania has a love for our new Bar Salts collection! That’s why they love the taste of our Kiwi Passion Fruit Bar Salt so much that it’s now the most popular favour. It's a tropical whirlwind of sweet passionfruit, rich kiwi and juicy guava!

Our classic cordial-inspired berry flavour Vamp Toes is the most popular in Germany! It's a classic fizzy drink taste that replicates the popular mixed berry juice flavour with a cool aniseed finish that's super moreish.

In Sweden, Lana Grape is the top flavour! It’s an amazing blend of classic fruits that’s nothing short of delectable.

Further in Scandavinia, our friends in Denmark celebrate the standard Lana Concentrate as the most popular vampire vape e-liquid flavour.

Reside by the sea on the Isle of Man? Black Jack is the top flavour on the amazing island. This is a modest liquorice sweet flavour that's complemented by some light aniseed with a sweet sugary aftertaste.

In Portugal, our Lana Shortfill is the most loved flavour! We launched our 100ml shortfills last year and we're ecstatic they've taken off so well to deliver everyone their ability to create their own custom vaping experience.

In France, Lana Nic Salt is the most loved flavour! Viva la France!

Croatia is famous for its sunny beaches! That’s why we suspect Lana Cola diy e-liquid is popular so over there because people love getting a tan while enjoying a cool refreshing cola taste!

Finally, in Malta, our Lana Gum flavour concentrate is the number one vape liquid. Classic mix that's nothing short of moreish lip-smacking sweetness!

We hope you found this data interesting and that you learned a little more about what people are vaping across borders! We're always excited to learn about what's lovable away from home and hope you have too.

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