Development History

Development History

We have grown from a simple studio of just two people in 2014 to having our own brand, factory and brand sales team. The initial customer base radiated from mainland China to all over the world. We now have subsidiaries and directly managed shops in South East Asia, as well as a large number of agents and franchisees.

Our presence

Our head office was established in Shenzhen in 2014, and as one of the first in China to discover early that e-cigarettes have the ability to replace cigarettes we We are committed to finding the best and healthiest alternative to cigarettes for everyone. We have a large number of users in China due to the high cost performance of our products and through our private operation.

The starting stage

Between 2015 and 2016, our team has grown. We have our own production plant and online operations team. During this time we have grown our brand through the wholesale of disposable e-cigarettes and have a large number of wholesale franchisees across China.

Transformational development

During 2017-2019, LANA followed the trend of the times and we set out to transform our vape products to the middle and high-end. The brand culture is firmly engraved in our products. In the same period, we also transformed our products to diversification, among which lanabar and lanapen occupied a large number of domestic markets as a cross-era product transforming from traditional big smoke to small smoke.

Key decisions

In 2020 LANA followed the trend of the times and kept up with international trends. From traditional domestic trade to globalization, we are actively expanding overseas markets. By the end of 2021, the LANA brand as a traditional small cigarette brand has made enough of a name for itself in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, which has a large number of cooperative wholesalers.

Subsequent developments

From the beginning of 2022 to the present, a large number of e-cigarette brand companies have closed down due to the implementation of relevant domestic policies. LANA has a large number of distributors in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia. Our current vision is to "help traditional smokers to quit" and we will do better under your advice and supervision.More and Indonesia PT Lana Teknologi NusantaraCEOTONY DARMAWI reached a deep cooperation intention, deeply rooted in the Indonesian e-cigarette market.


After 2022's rapid development, the brand image of LANAVAPE has penetrated into the heart. Layout of the global market, harvested a large number of fans! 

LANAVAPE has been dominating markets in over 40 countries, establishing 200+ sales channels, and reaching over 1,000,000 brand users.

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