LANA DISPOSABLE includes Lana Mini 600 Puffs, Lana Pen ll 2000 Puffs, Lana Bar 5000 Puffs, Lana CB 5000 Puffs, Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs, Lana bar 7000 Puffs, Lana ULTRA 7000 Puffs, Lana Pen Plus 9000 Puffs and Lana LN 10000 Puffs. It combines several of the most popular,and best-selling vape. Among them, there are rechargeable vape and disposable vape, vapes that look good in color.


LANA POD is suitable for LANA DEVICE, it is a transparent luminous POD, 2.5ml e-juice capacity, unique cool taste, many different flavors to choose from, it is a popular product of LANA

The Lana bar 5000 disposable vape

Lana Bar 5000 Puffs Vape is one of the best seller product of Lana vape. Its unique appearance and fashionable gradient colour make it popular among the puplic and equipped with a 850mAh rechargeable battery is compact and easy to carry.

The kit comes in a compact and light weight design, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. 

Lanabar 5000 puffs and 39 different flavors.Lana bar 5000 have cold flavors and sweet flavors which suitable for all vapers,believe it can give you a better experience!


LANA device series bring you a different experience!

Lana SwapX

Intelligently identify the resistance value of the smoke pod match the output power.0.66 inch OLED display, large screen, display power,output power,18650 removable battery, 1650mAh capacity, long battery life,0.6Ω pods,support DTL, multiple smoking experience.

Lana Fizz

Lana Fizz 8000 Puffs will comes with Power adjustable,1.0Ω mesh core cartridge core.Ergonomic design of the nozzle for comfortable lip feel.Large size display,power,oil and electricity display,intelligent butler.


LANA has a professional e-cigarette sales team, a professional e-cigarette design team, a professional e-cigarette production workshop, a professional logistics and transportation chain, and a professional e-cigarette after-sales service to achieve a true one-stop e-cigarette service. We look forward to your joining!

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Vape Exhibition

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Vaper Expo Philippines Mar. 23th-24th, 2024

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Vaper  Expo  Philippines Mar. 23th-24th, 2024

Successful Conclusion of Paraguay Expo on March 8th-9th, 2024

LANAVAPE has attended Paraguay Expo on March 8th-9th,2024 perfectly.

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Bahrain Expo on Jan 18th - 20th, 2024 Perfectly

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Bahrain Expo on Jan 18th - 20th, 2024 Perfectly

Lanavape will attend at the Russia Vape Expo from the 16th to 17th .December

Lanavape will attend at the Russia Vape Expo from the 16th to 17th .December

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